The Mill Stream Alumni Team is a volunteer group of individuals who have served many years with Mill Stream. Here is a little bit of history about each of us:

  • Larry Chupa - Team Leader
    Larry first became involved as a camper and then on summer staff in the early seventies. Larry returned to Mill Stream in 2001 as the Camp Director and along with his wife Cindy, have led Mill Stream for 20 years.
    Larry is excited to be part of the team as it develops and reconnects people with old friends while making some new ones.
    You can reach Larry at
  • Cindy Chupa - Research

    Cindy first started camp when she was 12 years old by paying her own way with her babysitting money and then came on as summer staff in the early seventies. Cindy returned to Mill Stream in 2001 with her husband Larry and 2 years later became the Food Services Coordinator and wearing many other hats for the past 20 years.
    Cindy is eager to connect with others who have experienced Mill Stream and is connecting with many past alumni through facebook and other media to grow our Alumni Members base.
    You can reach Cindy at

  • Mary-Beth Bykiv - Communications and Media

    Mary-Beth started as a camper, became staff and worked herself all the way up into being a our summer camps Program Coordinator. Mary-Beth is extremely organized and is social media savvy and is handling all of our promotions activity. Her gifting and abilities bring a high quality of work to the team.
    You can reach Mary-Beth at

Contact us if you are interested in becoming part of our team.